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Welcome to the Adapticom information page for New Product Development.

New Product Development encompasses many phases of a project.  New product development firms often become involved at the concept stage, assisting the client with the initial concept, development of intellectual property, design partitioning, and subsequent development.

Often, product development tasks are categorized within three main groups:

  • Electrical engineering / electronic design
  • Software / firmware
  • Mechanical engineering / design, enclosures, etc.

Time Tested Product Development Techniques

  • EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPES:  Using off the shelf components and reconfigurable devices to create economical, functional prototypes allows the client to have demonstrable functionality early in the project to help with the acquisition of funding.
  • PLAN AND MANAGE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  Integrate product development, research  and development with the client's business strategy and business plan.  Determine the impact of time-to-market on product development success and consider market timing as a source of competitive advantage.  Communicate these plans to both the client and development personnel. Undertake fewer project development projects at any point in time to allow a greater focus of resources and shorten development time.
  • USE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAMS:  Early involvement of program management, manufacturing, material, test, quality, and product support personnel in prototype level product development facilitates the parallel design of pilot and production devices, thus reducing design iterations and production problems. Our self-directed teams have greater ownership and are more committed to product development objectives, providing a successful design while controlling schedule and budget.
  •  MANAGE COSTS FROM THE START:   Involve development team members in planning for new products, thus obtaining their input and cementing their commitment.  Early establishment of target costs facilitates the ability to  manage to those targets.  Management of non-recurring tooling and development costs by effective planning and research.

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